Well I Am Challenge – 50 days DONE!

Finally we’ve reached the halfway milestone with the Well I Am Challenge. Wednesday marked exactly 50 days, and only 50 remains.

The past month and a half has really been a rollercoaster ride of up and down. I reached enormous highs as well as some setbacks. When I started my training programme, I battled through 4 sets of deadlifts. I barely managed to lift 7kg. My legs were shaking like Autumn leaves, through every rep that I mustered the courage to do. My biggest achievement for my training programme so far is that I can do a 40kg deadlift. Yes, 40kg! And that’s excluding the weight of the bar. For me that has been my proudest moment so far.

I’ll be really honest, I’ve always struggled and fought the weight battle. All through my teenage years and even university. I’ve never thought of myself as super skinny or thin. The number on the scale has always been the number I measure my happiness with. But, weight is so much more than the number on the scale. There is body fat ratio and lean body mass, things I have never taken into consideration when I look at the number on the scale. My eyes and mind has been opened up to nutrition and exercise in a healthier way. I got highly upset because after 30 days, I had only lost one kilogram and it annoyed me so much. Why after eating so well and sticking to my diet had the number on the scale only decreased by one? So I sent my fitness coach a message and she had a good stern talk with me. At first I was a bit upset, but after thinking about what she had told me I sucked it up and continued.
You cannot base your happiness on the number on the scale. And this was proven when I went for my halfway mark check-up at the biokineticist. The number on the scale might have been standing still, but other measurements were dropping. I got a little excited when the biokineticist started measuring my thigh and without looking at the number on the calipher he said that my thighs have decreased a lot. After he had put all the measurements into the system the results were amazing. I had lost 4% of body fat and my lean body mass had gone up by 1%!!! You know you did good if your fitness coach sends you a voicenote to explain how happy she is with your results.

Dieting has really been an uphill battle for me. Not because my diet is difficult to maintain, more because of myself. I have a bad sweet tooth and temptation is everywhere, especially if you have a small home based baking business. It’s taken a lot of willpower to stick to my diet amd not fall back into bad eating habits. I’ve had a cheat day or two where I’ve given my diet the old finger, but come the next day I can feel the results of eating bad. Mainly struggling to get through a workout because I feel sluggish or difficulty concentrating. It’s come to a point where I am becoming to feel guilty if I cheat on my diet. But, most of our cheat meals my husband and I have revamped to either cut out processed carbs or replaced them with vegetable alternatives.

My fitness coach has sent me my second month training programme and I can tell you, my ass will be on fire for the next four weeks! I’m excited for the results that the next 50 days will bring!


Author: webecameblog

Blogging about the realities of raising two girls. Apart from being a mommy, I am also a wife to a husband that is married to his bike. I am sarcastic, I say the F-word way too much and I have road rage. I am real and I hate sugar coating things.

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