The first week of WIA5

This post is going to be a little bit more on the revealing and oversharing side of things, bear with me. Here goes…

On 8 March, it became very real that the challenge is here. I had my health checks done on the morning of, and everything was in acceptable and healthy-ish range according to the nurse. I also passed all my health checks for our medical aid, which was fantastic news to my husband because my points bumped us out of what he calls “loser range.”

For my before and after photo’s, I handed all responsibility to my trusted photographer aka my wonderful husband. Looking at yourself with a different mindset to change your lifestyle and eating habits, really does open your eyes up to a lot of things. I became content with the way I looked and felt about my body after Tanielle’s birth, but honestly, there is most definitely major room for improvement. It really irratates me a lot when women use the excuse “but I had children.” Your child did not make you gain weight, you made yourself gain weight. That little human in your womb didn’t send you e-mails informing you to go sit in the drive-thru of a take-away chain and eat that greasy burger. No, you did that because you probably told yourself, “Ag it’s fine I’m pregnant I can indulge a little.” I’m not judging, I’m being realistic here. I am definitely not without fault here, in both pregnancies I gave in to the odd craving here and there and at Tanielle’s baby shower I ate my slice of cake as well as the cupcake thank you favour afterwards. But you cannot continuously blame your children for your poor diet.

This is what I look like after having two children. My body sure does not look like the 22 year old version anymore, but it isn’t going to stop me from having a new and improved version of what  I previously had. Save my soul…

See, all bodies are different! My blog is here to mainly motivate mommies, because you really can be healthier in all aspects if you apply yourself. I never had the opportunity to be a fit mommy in my first pregnancy, my doctor instructed that I lay off the running because of my low lying cervix (which could have been detrimental to our Sesame at the time), due to it possibly causing bleeding. Therefore I had to be very mindful of what I ate, but I never starved myself. Ever. I only ate healthily (with the odd burger or ice-cream in between), and luckily after the morning sickness passed, fish wasn’t so nauseating anymore.

Here is an insight of what my first week of the challenge looked like:

Day 1 (Wednesday, 9 March):
I started the morning with my normal breakfast of oats, teaspoon of peanut butter, drop of honey and a splash of milk. And we shall not forget my cup of personality.

Off to gym I went after dropping Tatum off (I looked like 90% of the Mom’s that drop their children off at the Primary school across from Tatum’s school). I did a Grid Fit class and a 5km run and even had a fleeting thought that I might have this fitness thing down.

Dinner was our usual Wednesday meal of freshly prepared chicken strips (which are an organic, gluten free eaters dream) and baked veg.

Day 2 (Thursday, 10 March):
It was more or less the same as Day 1 and I went to gym again. I think my medical aid is having a small little heart attack, because I generally do two gym sessions a week, sometimes that’s all I do for the whole month, and here I am already on three for the entire week.

I received my diet and exercise program from Sarah, my personal online coach that was part of my prize from Well I Am and Inside Fitness Magazine South-Africa. I’ll see what my muscles feel like at the end of the week, but it really is something I have to apply my mind to shift to if I am going to achieve the goals I have set for this challenge. The headaches also started today, and I remember them from last years challenge. It is just a sign that my body is adapting to the healthier and cleaner eating as well as the increased physical activity.

Day 3 (Friday, 11 March):
Breakfast is a HUGE meal, it consisted of my oats minus the milk and honey. Cup of personality minus the milk and drizzle of honey, as well as yoghurt, a fruit serving and egg white omelette. This is the breakfast of champions it seems. Really battled to get everything down in one sitting, but into my mouth it went.

Dropped Tatum off, and off to the gym I went to go test out this exercise routine. Oh. Dear. My. Dignity. By the second exercise, everything was shaking. My legs were spaghetti and I was still supposed to go upstairs in order to do the goblet squats with a kettle bell. After the first two exercises I went upstairs to do the squats and halfway up, I had to stop on the platform just to compose myself. As I got into the room those very familiar voices in my head with their negativity started, and I was thinking that if I quit it will be okay. Because let’s face it, who will know? I will know, I’ll walk away with the shame that I failed to complete my exercises. Do you know what I did? I pulled horrible faces, but I pushed through them. Pushed through the burning muscles and I DID IT. All of it, each and every single exercise.

Dinner sucked a whole lot. Friday nights are our cheat night, and it will consist of anything from Italian cheesy goodness, or what normal people refer to as pizza or my version of Quesadillas. My husband had Nando’s for the sake of my sanity, and I had my diet meal.

Day 4 (Saturday, 12 March):
On Saturday’s my husband usually goes for a very long cycling route, so I spent the morning with the girls. I was rather stiff from Friday’s leg workout and could barely move and it felt like the universe was torturing me. It felt like the girls dropped each and single thing they laid their hands on, and of course mommy duties do not stop when you have stiff sore muscles. I completed my exercise routine except for one exercise, which I just did not have the physical capability to complete. Stuck it out with the diet, although I was highly tempted to cheat and have something sweet. Yet, I didn’t because at that point I went onto Facebook and saw a post from the Well I Am Facebook page with the following message “Junk Food you’ve craved for an hour or the body you’ve craved for a lifetime?Your decision.” I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you what my decision was.

Day 5 (Sunday, 13 March):
Sunday was a little tougher than I anticipated it to be. I had serious withdrawal symptoms from not having my usual weekend “cheat meals” and my husband had a big sit down with me and explained the ramifications of what dieting does to your mind. The amount of food that I am allowed to eat isn’t bad, it’s the calorie intake to create a deficit that was getting to me. So I had one teeny tiny potato wedge, stolen from my husband’s plate to just make me feel “normal.”

Day 6 (Monday, 14 March):
I was a bit scared of what will happen at work due to the ladies in our office having some questionable ideas relating to health and dieting. It went pretty well, I might have had one cup of coffee more than I should have but I stuck to my diet even after being offered a cookie with my coffee. It does feel a little weird cooking three different dinners every night. One for myself, one for my husband and the last being for Tatum.

Day 7 (Tuesday, 15 March):
Maybe this fitness does suit me after all. In regard to dieting, I almost had half a biscuit . Without thinking I took the biscuit that Tatum didn’t want and popped it into my mouth. Luckily my brain is still fully functional and at that exact moment it decided to tell me to not start chewing!

Day 8 (Wednesday, 16 March):
It was my day off, and I missed the gym so much I actually went and ran a 2km run. Maybe this fitness thing does suit me after all. I had dinner by myself as the husband had a training session to calculate some higher grade cycling equation that I am still learning about, and there was no cheating involved in my dinner. Just dinner as stipulated in my eating plan.

Overall the first week went pretty well! Apart from the headaches that are becoming a little more dull and the stiff (really stiff) muscles, I feel liberated that I have pushed my body and my mind so far and I am hoping for even better things for the rest of the challenge. Hard work and dedication will pay off. Six pack here we come!


Author: webecameblog

Blogging about the realities of raising two girls. Apart from being a mommy, I am also a wife to a husband that is married to his bike. I am sarcastic, I say the F-word way too much and I have road rage. I am real and I hate sugar coating things.

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