You might be a mom, but you are still you

For quite some time after Tatum was born it felt like I had morphed into just being a mom and wife. There was no identity anymore. The person I once was, was non existent. I was sleep deprived, my boobs ached, I’m pretty sure my perfume didn’t even cover any poop fumes that clung to me and the last thing on my mind was getting my body back into shape.

I was given the friendly advice, which I refused to take, to not have my nails done anymore as I “won’t have the time.” But that was the only thing that made me feel well groomed. I soldiered on and started losing weight because my graduation was in February and there was not a chance that I will be plump or have a mommy tummy. I lost enough weight to fit back into my size 28 jeans, with only a little bit of excess love handles.  At least my graduation outfit was perfect and I even had to tailor the pants a bit. High five for me!

Six months later, I found out that I was pregnant again. I wasn’t prepared for a second pregnancy at all. I wasn’t ready to give up my body again, I just wanted it to be mine for a little while longer.

Last year I heard about the Well I Am Challenge, which I did enter but never finished. My mindset wasn’t right, I had just been retrenched and I was raising two babies under the age of two.

However, this time around it hasn’t been all that easy losing the baby weight. The love handles are a little more apparent when I wear tighter than normal shirts or dresses. And it’s time for them to pack their suitcases and go on an extended holiday somewhere far far away. That’s why I grabbed the opportunity and took a chance and entered a competition to win an entry into the Well I Am Challenge as sponsored by Inside Fitness Magazine South-Africa.

On Monday myself and another lovely lady was selected as the two chosen winners. Amd believe me, this time around I am ready to kick this body back into even better shape than it was before. I have something to prove to myself, but it’s not just going to be a flash in the pan kind of change. These 100 healthy days are going to be a change for the better in order for me to be the best kind of example I can be to my two girls.

Bring on the 9th of March, I can’t wait for the challenge.
So for the mommy wondering how to enter this competition, you can have a look at the Well I Am website and sign up for the challenge. A basic entry will cost you R549, and it gets you an entry into the challenge, two health assessments at Dis-Chem and a goodie box full of spoils to get you on the way to a healthier you. If you like them on Facebook, they are having a Leap Year discount that will run until tomorrow and an entry will cost you R349 for all of the above.

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid to write this post, nor am I being sponsored by any of the entities as mentioned in my post.



Author: webecameblog

Blogging about the realities of raising two girls. Apart from being a mommy, I am also a wife to a husband that is married to his bike. I am sarcastic, I say the F-word way too much and I have road rage. I am real and I hate sugar coating things.

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